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DLove: A New Brand Setting The Standard For Luxury Fashion

  A unique and timeless line of luxury fashion that will make you look and feel your best. With pieces for both men and women, this iconic brand has something for everyone December 2, 2022 Published by Marcus "DJ Potential" Hart Fashion is an ever-changing industry, and luxury brands have to work hard to keep up with the trends. But one brand that's managed to do just that is DLove. Its founder recently did an interview on the Kinetic PE MIXX show with celebrity journalist and podcast host DJ Potential. Continue to read to learn what was gathered from the interview. 1. What is DLove? DLove is a luxury fashion brand created by the renowned fashion designer, Robbie DLove. This iconic line of apparel embodies Robbie's signature approach to style - combining casual elements with sophisticated touches for an effortlessly upscale look. Forget about buying off the rack; DLove offers high-end pieces to make any everyday outfit exceptional! 2. How is DLove different from other
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"Run This World" by Sanduru: A New Music Track to Get You Moving

  Photo by real_ jansen on Unsplash Get Lost in the Sounds of this Self-Made Indie Hip Hop Artist and Composer's Latest Single Published by Marcus "DJ Potential" Hart Introducing the brand new single "Run This World" from Sanduru. Sanduru is a 35 year old, self made Indie Artist/Composer & Producer. Born in Sri Lanka, and came to Norway at the age of 4 and lived there since. His interest in music production came from his little brother back in 2017, who is more of a hip hop/rap style indie artist. This track is a mix of Sanduru's Sri Lankan roots with his Norwegian upbringing, and is sure to get your feet moving. So click on the link below and check out the new single from Sanduru today. Artist: Sanduru Sachithanandam Song: Run This World Available on all streaming service: Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube Music and more... Direct Spotify Link Instagram: Sanduru86 Facebook: Sanduru Sachithanandam Twitter:

New Music by Marine Veteran Turned Pianist and Guitarist

  Photo by Joey Nicotra on Unsplash An Artist to keep an eye on: Brett Wayne Lee Written and Published by Marcus "DJ Potential" Hart There's something special about a live performance. The energy, the connection between artist and audience. It's an experience that can't be replicated. And that's why we're so excited to introduce you to Brett Wayne Lee. Brett Wayne Lee is a phenomenal pianist and guitarist who left the Marines in 2008. He toured local pubs and clubs with a few Rock N Roll bands before going solo in 2020. He has played in front of raving crowds in the United Kingdom and Dubai, including becoming a weekly regular inside of the Brit Pubs. He has been an avid advocate of PTSD and performed in front of 6,000 troops at a base in Ireland in support of  Bjorn Again. Brett Wayne Lee was the lead singer of most the bands he toured locally with. The groups gained some success, but after a while, Brett started to feel like he was ready to strike out o

Prominence: The Newest Wave in Lawrenceville, GA

  Image by Harish Sharma from Pixabay  College Athlete Song Writer Artist interviews on the Kinetic PE MIXX Show Published by Marcus "DJ Potential" Hart Prominence has been on the scene for over a year now and is making waves in Lawrenceville, GA. He's even been noticed and has had his single "Sin" on the soundtrack for the film, "Dying to Learn"! Tune into this interview with DJ Potential on the Kinetic PE MIXX show to learn more about Prominence and what he has planned next! Follow Prominence: You can listen to the full episode on YouTube or on any podcast/music streaming app or simply click this link here:

Versuz Underground: Hip Hop Battle for $100,000 in Media Promotion

The match up featured KUSH MAC vs TRAMENDIS. Hip Hop fans witnessed a classic battle. By Marcus "DJ Potential" Hart MILWAUKEE, WI, Jul. 17, 2022 - Hip Hop fans from all over the world were watching as two of Racine's top professional rappers in the industry met to battle for $100,000 worth of media promotion. The battle took place Live on the Chop It Up Podcast and was sponsored by the Battle Rap Kingdom, Modern-Day Pharaoh ENT, Transform U Media Network, North Bay Freight, UTMOS Inc LLC, Come Clean Empire, Villeboy ENT, and THE RISE OF AI.  The match up featured KUSH MAC vs TRAMENDIS. Hip Hop fans witnessed a classic battle. The playback can be found on the Transform U Radio website here: The

A Music Interview with Award Nominated Pop Singer Eye'z

A music interview with pop singer Eye'z. This's a fun, high energy session. Enjoy! Published by Marcus "DJ Potential" Hart Making music for a living is no easy task. It takes hard work and dedication to see success, let alone a career in the business. In this interview we speak to award nominated pop singer Eye’z about her musical beginnings, the challenges she faces being an artist in 2022 and much more. Listen to the full interview here when it releases on July 25, 2022 . ( ) Social media Links:

Quis Esko's Empowering Music

  Photo by Barthy Bonhomme Quis Esko Brings An Unparalleled Rap Experience by Marcus "DJ Potential" Hart Introduction: The Life and Music of Quis Esko Quis Esko is a rap artist who talks the talk and walks the walk, and his career started at the age of 12. Growing up in Florence, South Carolina, surrounded by many forms of adversity, Quis has a lot of life experience he can draw from for his material.  His debut album, The 21st Century, was released in December 2020 at the height of the pandemic, his tracks Uh Oh Ohh Sh*t, … Would You Ride, and Both Sides have reached just under 20,000 views, so far, with new tracks released in 2021. The Hype Around Quis Esko's Music Quis Esko is a music artist and producer who has been making waves in the industry. He has come up with some of the most loved songs, and his music resonates with people on a deep level. His songs have been echoed by supporters across all platforms but gained the most traction on YouTube. Conclusion: Quis Esk