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How DirtyWhite blends Southern Trap and Soul

  Independent Artist DirtyWhite Has Opened for Dru Hill, Nappy Roots, Ginuwine, and has advice for others By Marcus "DJ Potential" Hart DirtyWhite is an electric artist and composer who has opened for Dru Hill, Nappy Roots, Ginuwine, and more.  The conversation with DJ Potential circles around the church background that heavily influenced DirtyWhite to be more open to bringing a soulful sound to his music and how success as an independent artist is gravely dependent on surrounding an efficient team around you. DirtyWhite drops important pieces of wisdom and even sings us a few lines along with an angelic run that brings a smile to the host and the audience. This captivating interview gives an even more special spoiler to a dream celebrity music artist collaboration that is happening on a project with Dirty. Find more about DirtyWhite by searching "DirtyFWhite" on all platforms to get his music and to follow on social media. This episode is sponsored by Hot Takes Pod