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"Paper Don't Sleep" and the inspiration to rap full-time

Rapper Gwala Man Bambino immediately jumped on the grind and utilized his ability to connect with people universally to create diverse ways of income in the music industry to strive towards building his empire. He has a clothing line "Paper Don't Sleep" and the inspiration to rap full-time came from losing his son in 2014. To better express himself, he turned to music and eludes to how it has been helpful. Find more information about Gwala: View this post on Instagram A post shared by CeoSakOnSightDaMobb&PDSApparel (@_1gwalamanbambino) --- The Kinetic PE MIXX YouTube Channel is the place to find all emerging music artists, Celebs, and top influencers. DJ Potential mixes music and drops new discoveries every Thursday. New content is posted weekly. Subscribe to our channel: Check out this episode!

How to Be Happy for Yourself and Build Self-Love | It's the Real Jay Anthony

Check out this interview for a special release viewing Wednesday, February 9, 2021 at 9:00 AM CST More information  The biggest takeaway from the interview: "Build up Your Own Self-Love to Support Your Successes"  --- We sometimes fall into the trap of thinking we need outside validation when the biggest issue with accepting support from everybody is not knowing their intentions and motives. Therefore, rather than crave this build mental toughness and love for self so that your support never runs out. Featured Guest Conducted Interview by   About the guest: It's The Real Jay Anthony An Upcoming Motivational Speaker From Arkansas & Founder Of BYST™. He Brings A Unique Style To His Video's That's Is Country, Being Goofy & Bringing Knowledge To The Table. Other Social Media: YouTube: It's The Real Jay Anthony

How Down South Trunk BANGERS are Returning | Rapper Kendall Spencer

DJ Potential  had the opportunity to interview Kendall Spencer and many new reveals were brought forth in this interview. Kendall has been on the scene for a good time period and is seasoned in his craft. His sound echoes the down south persuasion while keeping a unique personality and obvious lyrical assemble of content that is pleasing to those who may not think that down south rappers can hang lyrical with other sides of the globe that has solidified the stake in lyrical ability. The new EP "Total Package" is delivering on its promise and as a family that is also repping the S-Town he is prepared to give you the real.  If you want a big uncovering to the hood Kendall is repping for, he definitely recommends you listen to the track on the EP titled "Golden Isles" for a feel of where he comes from. The best takeaway from talking with Kendall Spencer is that he is positioned at the forefront for a potential big wave of underground down south music that will hit the