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Popular Small Town Rapper Yung Swagger (Willie Lynch) interviews in Milwaukee

  MILWAUKEE, WI --- Yung Swagger (Willie Lynch on Social Media platforms) is very popular and known in his town. He and his crew sits to talk with Marcus "DJ Potential" Hart about the different perspectives of fame and struggle growing up maturing to craft a formula that connects with a wide range of audiences without sounding too much like others in the mainstream. (Listen to the interview in audio format or on any podcast app:  ) Check out the video version of this interview on YouTube here: Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel while you are there and follow us on Instagram:

How George Floyd's Murder Brought together this Diverse Hip Hop Group

  Photo: DJ Potential interviews Dummy Slick Productions and TH3 Boyz of Racine, WI Milwaukee, WI --- DJ Potential interviews Dummy Slick Productions and TH3 Boyz on the Kinetic MIXX Show to discuss how the two groups were brought together in light of the murder of George Floyd.  You can check out the episode here in podcast format or on any podcast app: Check out the new return of the Kinetic PE MIXX. DJ Potential now goes live in the studio of Milwaukee, WI in person with artists and entrepreneurs flying in from all over the world. Both emerging and household names. Support the Youtube channel! Here: LISTEN Now! Re-Watch the Live Stream